CODEX (Excerpts)

Excerpts from a puzzle in the shape of a codex. The Divine Names retransfigured into Linear A, with aleathorical syntax from the ancient Minoan language. Think of a labyrinth in squares. In the juvescence of the year came Christ the Minotaur, us he devours. You might not believe this, little fella, but it’ll cure your asthma too.

all notebook drawing and writing 2016

multiliner, graphite drawing & colour pencils, pen and ink on notebook paper 148 x 210 mm, 88 pages. A selection is shown below.


Excerpts from a book of Transtalingen that I did. The expression ‘Transtaling’ is neologism, made up from the Dutch expression for translation, ‘vertaling’ and the English expression ‘translation’. It refers to way of reassembling of the sounds of a text in the original languages that were transferred to Dutch. These sounds, freshly moved over to their new (Dutch) surroundings were allowed to make new connections with words and sounds in the Dutch language, to create new meanings in field of spontaneous neologisms. ‘Transtaling’ can be understood as a transtaling.

I chose works of authors that in this case were all concerned with mystical and religious experiences. The transtalingen are an attempt to open up these texts, and make their metaphysical inspiration linguistically available to people in the 21st century who no longer believe in the divine.

The illustrations in their turn work ‘transtalingen’ of the texts, and are not so much images linked to meanings in the text, as attempts at creating a new layer of meanings through images.

all notebook drawing and writing 2015

multiliner, graphite drawing & colour pencils, pen and ink on notebook paper 148 x 210 mm, 72 pages. A selection is shown below



Published by Vianoupoulos Press 2014

“Als de dagen korter worden, de nachten langer en de fles leger, is het tijd voor een nieuwe Oliebol !


Een Selectie uit het Werk van Cornelis van den Bergh,

de befaamde edoch volledig vergeten Rotterdamse po├Ęte maudit die thans door de inspanningen van Vianoupoulos Pers aan het cultureel geheugenverlies ontworsteld is.

met illustraties van Aurora Noorderlicht

Voor Bloedende Harten tussen 8 & 88 !”


Published by Vianoupoulos Press, 2014

“Een Oliebol Voor de Ware Fijnproevers!


Zoals op Manuscript gesteld door de Patriarch van Alexandria, de Heilige Aesophagos, bijgenaamd ‘de Schele’ tijdens zijn Ballingschap in Memphis aan de Nijl alwaar de Filiae zonder Strophium gaan in Saeculum Saeculorum 367 A.D.

Vertaald door Prof. Dr. P. Vianoupoulos uit het Gelatiniseerd Oxyrhynchitisch-Koptisch.

uitgebracht zowel in zwart-wit als in kleur.”

Intermission Blues #2

The second installment of INTERMISSION BLUES is another text-based work. Whereas the first issue dealt primarily with transcendence and language, this issue is about the interaction of language with the outside world in the form of politics, everyday life in big appartmentblocks and nursery rhymes.

For the soundtrack of INTERMISSION BLUES #2 I took the liberty to appropriate a snippet of the black metal classic Natassja in Eternal Sleep by Darkthrone. Since they are EVIL I’m sure they won’t mind this token of admiration.

multiliner on in notebook 148 x 210 mm, 78 pages

A selection of pages is shown below.

Intermission Blues #1

A series of meditations on the incomprehensibility of language.

all notebook drawings 2016

multiliner 148 x 210 mm, 76 pages. A selection is shown below.