all notebook drawing and writing 2017

multiliner, graphite drawing & colour pencils, pen and ink with collage on notebook paper 148 x 210 mm




Drawings, pen and ink, colour pencil and graphite pencil, with collage, different sizes, 2017-18

A series of drawings as an attempt to draw the traditional scenes in the life of the Buddha using Christian iconography in an early medieval style. I like the idea that this religious mixture might have occurred in a culture that could be placed somewhere in West or Central Asia, maybe dating back to the 4th or 5th Century AD. Christianity was still in flux in many parts of the former Roman Empire, and heterodox theology mixed with elements from different religions, especially in areas remote from Byzantium and Rome. The inspiration comes from the Buddha statues from the 1st Century BC in Gandhara. Up until then the Buddha hadn’t been depicted much in Buddhist art. But under the influence of hellenistic art, the Buddha started to get depicted as a human being, wearing Greek clothes. So this can be as a sort of an imaginary late development of this particular style, maybe the remains of a culture that happened right between the East and the West.



Appelflap #5

The fifth installment of the APPELFLAP-series is a satire on the role of the artist as eternal outsider. It does so by putting together a diverse set of texts that are woven together in dense collage, structured along the lines of a comic with characters and speech bubbles. Texts used are diary fragments chroncicling a failed love affair, fragments of Intermission Blues #1 on the incomprehensibility of language, an English translation of a classic article by mathemathician Kurt Goedels article on the incompleteness theorem and a recent scientific article on an intriguing variation on the so-called ‘Bob, Eve and Alice – problem’: two neural networks develop a secret code together that can not be cracked by a third neural network. Images from Victorian erotica illustrate the desperate need to communicate. There’s a hidden poem in the work that ties all these ideas together. The whole book can be read as a Goedel-number trying to communicate the impossibilty of communication. Below are some selections shown from APPELFLAP #5.

Of course, APPELFLAP #5  also has a lovely soundtrack:

all notebook drawings and collage, 2017.

multiliner, graphite drawing & colour pencils and collage on notebook paper 148 x 210 mm, 44 pages.

Appelflap #4


want APPELFLAP #4 luidt de nieuwe Lente in !

Bevat wederom boordevol verfrissend & verfijnd vermaak voor de hele familie om beschaafd maar vreugdevol te dartelen temidden van het ontluikend groen langs bosrand, grasveld en waterplas of in de veilige beslotenheid van de eigen huiskamer met de gordijnen dicht en de deur op slot.”

Appelflap #2

Appelflap #1